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Getsen is one of the most experienced biomedical laboratories specializing in microbiological and chemical testing in the United States. The Getsen name represents a standard of excellence for quality and reliability above and beyond customer needs. We are not just another contract testing laboratory but rather offer vast experience and knowledge of the industry, which allows for the development of client-specific programs.

Getsen offers a complete microbiology and chemistry laboratory testing service, including product sterility testing, pyrogen testing, compound/element analysis, and biocompatibility tests. Water testing, drug screening, and unknown id is also part of our capability.

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Key Benefits

  • World leader in qualified laboratory testing services including testing by nationally registered microbiologists in accordance with QSR/ISO9000/GLPs
  • Fast responses on Lab Test Results and Reports
  • Competitive Pricing with Reliable Results Capabilities


Getsen Laboratories Performs Test Methods Including

Chemistry Services

GC/MS chemical analysis of unknown substances is one of the most precise means of determining the composition of compound mixtures which contain volatile and semi-volatile organics. Our lab is not only a power user of this technique, but we have 10 years of expertise in this type of analysis. Spectrophotometry and atomic absorption are 'old school' methods but still among the most well recognized for true results.

Drugs and Environmental Analysis

Chemistry of water/waste-water is the most common environmental concern for citizen customers. In addition, the drugs of abuse that are used in our toxicology section are analyzed through a combination of the variety of methods listed under the services to the left. However, our years of expertise have allowed us to define proper in-house methodologies for metabolite and derivative analysis as well. Most laboratories look to outsiders for expertise in these areas. They look to us!

Microbiology Services

With a nationally registered microbiologist on staff, Getsen is one of the most experienced laboratories specializing in Microbiological in the United States. The company maintains an ISO Class 5 certified cleanroom at the Central Texas facility and has stock and seed cultures isolated internally and certified cultures from the leading source for organisms when quality and reliability are required - The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC).

Products for Microbiology

Chemically defined liquid media and solid agars are used to provide nutrients for Eukaryota and bacterial cell culture growth, respectively, in diagnostic, research, and manufacturing applications. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products that are consistent from batch to batch. We can custom manufacture special formulations for sensitive culture conditions in our clean room and can accommodate large lot sizes with high-quality nutrients for your cultures.

Toxicology Services

Drugs of abuse testing and DOT regulated blood alcohol testing are testing regimen we are experienced with and operate on a higher level than our competition. That's because we have not only the highly trained and skilled technicians that perform testing professionally and quickly, but unlike our competitors, we have a fully functional drug analysis lab system and don't stop at just a "dip test" like most rudimentary collection sites. We have the required GC/MS confirmation capability and know-how to use it. We have an in house chain-of-custody if needed, and we have partnerships with large NLCP approved DOT test facilities in addition to our in house ability.

Custom Analysis

We can do complete unknown analysis upon request and have worked with law enforcement to determine substance composition and efficacy in environmental, civil, and criminal cases. The limit of our detection capability is restricted only by the variables of design.