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DNA Strand

DNA Sequencing & Analysis


We utilize automated micro-capillary electroscopes to perform each parentage determination. All testing is performed on-site at our professional clinic. Most laboratories (even the big guys), choose other companies to "farm it out." At Getsen, we believe that if it is to be done right, we do it ourselves!

Scientists Analysing DNA


Our polymerase chain reaction (PCR) DNA cloning is performed with established industry-leading equipment that we house and maintain. The template DNA is stored professionally on-site, and we have the training and expertise to perform experiments continuously with reproducible and accurate results.

DNA Sequencing Methods

Getsen utilizes POP6 polymer, 60 cm capillaries, and Big Dye Terminator chemistry to characterize species-specific DNA sequencing, with the use of the ABI line of DNA analyzers. COVID-19 transcriptase.

DNA Sequencing Projects

The biodiesel, ethanol, and other alternative fuel industry has defined and promoted a series of genetic manipulations that are being considered and required for maximum productivity of feedstock biomass production. Getsen is involved in the sequencing, liquid media specification, used to provide nutrients for cell culture growth, respectively, in these specific adaptive fuel mix applications. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality sequencing service consistent from run to run and from batch to batch.